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by Watch Them Burn

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released June 15, 2015

Mixed and mastered by Carlo "Fajo" Girardi and WTB
in the One Black Sock Studio - Turin (Italy)

Artwork by Alessandro Zigliani and WTB

Lyrics by WTB



all rights reserved


Watch Them Burn Saint Vincent, Italy

The band was born in 2011 in St. Vincent,a Small town in Aosta valley in The North of Italy. After different line up changes The band is now composed by maniac (voice), shinigami (bass), mithra (guitar), corruptor (guitar) and anubi (drums). The 1st self-produced ep has just been released; the sound is a sort of melodic death metal mixed with metalcore and prog sonorities. ... more

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Track Name: The Day After
It was a long running in the night
I thought that everything was perfect
but it wasn’t
many strange faces were surrounding me
many voices were talking to me

sitting on the chair I closed my eyes to forget it
I didn’t find a solution, the only way out
was a long running in the night
I understood that it was time for me to go
a long running away from everything around me

while I was running away
tears were falling from my eyes
time is going on, but not for me

maybe it was a mistake?
no, it couldn’t be a mistake
when your instinct kills the reason
I am sure you can understand my words
I hope you can understand what I did
Track Name: Soul-R
You're here!!! facing me yet!!
eating my soul contagious confusion.
Desires collide
and everything is the same here,
chained to evil artifices
I would kill everybody else
I would pull my eyes out
and push them in your sockets
as you can see
what to stay calm means
while inside and outside yourself
everything explodes
Have a look!
Scream if you need to
you can’t have the arrogance
to understand everything you want
the human race sucks
sooner you get it
and sooner you can give
meaning in your life
though there are moments
I would bite off the veins from my wrists
I always find a fuckin' reason to breath, again and again
This is the way
trust me
one more time
blinding light – through- my – body in – this limb – I feel - confortable
Track Name: My Country
I tell you what is my country

this is a sad story

full of rage and disease

here you can survive, but you can’t live
here you can have a dream, but you can’t realize it
here you can sing, but you must shut up

find a solution?
A bomb in my head
find a solution?
a gun in my hand

this is my fucking country
they have everything, we have nothing
where is justice in my country?
it doesn’t exist justice
do you want to find it?
take it by yourself

my dear country, can you listen to me?
fuck you
Track Name: Dark Side
Desperation, desolation, my frustration cause this isolation

it flies my mind, where no one can see
here I hope I can at last feel free
I fall asleep under my tree of desire

I can’t rise, emptiness is holding me
you gave me your hand, now you are far away
everyday I fight to find out a reason to live

take my life, my angel, you can set me free
take my life, my angel, so I can leave this way
take my life, my angel, all I want is this
save my life, my angel, from this suffering

I am alone, my life is a weak flame
I am losing my soul day after day
I am wearing a mask that you can’t understand

I can’t rise, emptiness is holding me
you gave me your hand, now you are far away
everyday I fight to find out a reason to live

so I will run away
so I will run away
away from you
Track Name: Afterlife
Running fast on my rusty old ride
trapped in this sad dark night
I can’t see anything out of my glass
the motor noise breaks my eardrums

in a while just a flash in front of my eyes
I did not realize it was for me the last breath in my life
life has been torn from the body
fucking fate I was not even thirty

and now I’m here in this crappy limbo
thinking that hell would have been better
surrounded by surreal rocks
and eyeless human figures looking for their life

and I am one of them
following the cue without real conscience
I find myself in a lift that only goes down
I know it’s probably my last displacement
I regret human feelings in this flavourless nothing

no words, no views, no taste, no sounds

but it is not a punishment
it is just the way it goes

and sometimes I got the feeling
I feel the woman that I left
I can barely touch her
in her dreams